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The reason why we created MaxLink brand (2006) was clearly a need to offer specific solutions according to the ISP requirements and provide further options for world leading producers of active components at the time. This trend encouraged us to come out with own solution and, as a result, we introduced a new product within a portfolio of the WiFi antennas with various features.

We can proudly say that our mission has been accomplished; we have been offering a whole range of MaxLink products for 12 years already. Furthermore, we have been developing MaxLink products according to the current situation on the market. Over time, we have worked on adding new antennas and other types of significant products in our portfolio, e.g. passive PoE injectors, active PoE injectors, PoE switches, patch panels, assembly boxes, SFP modules and others. Our experienced technical staff perform tests on all products before commencing the sale. We also acknowledge that it is very important to test products for extensive period of time and in real conditions. The satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance for us. Therefore, we have always considered the product quality our top priority.

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